Common Roots Farm is an urban, organic farm where people with and without disabilities grow healthy food and build community.

Our farm welcomes people of all abilities and provides a meaningful place to build relationships through farm work, volunteerism and social events.


What We Do

Our farm is a place where people of all abilities can learn new skills, strengthen their social networks, and contribute valued products to our local economy.  

We offer horticulture and farm skills training, internships to people with developmental disabilities, environmental and gardening education, and micro-enterprise opportunities on a roughly four-acre urban organic farm in Santa Cruz, CA.

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Farming for all

We are taking care to make our farm as physically accessible as possible, working to accommodate those who use mobility aids, have sensory integration challenges, or otherwise have difficulty accessing most farm or riparian settings.  


Our farm focuses on growing food and friendship.

We aim to grow and sell organic food that is nutritionally dense and very fresh. We operate a farm stand to share this food with our community, providing additional training opportunities in marketing, sales, and retail management.

Through a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, farmers’ market sales, restaurant sales, and food donations, our farm enhances food security within our local community. 


Being part of our surrounding community is a high priority. We value opportunities for mutual relationships between people with and without disabilities through farm-based social events.


Careful Stewards of our land

Our sustainable practices also contribute to ecological stewardship of our rare urban farm parcel.